Let your audience do the talking…


7 seconds. That’s it. The average attention span in today’s digital world. Plus, your Ad is competing for that attention with 9,999 other Ads that every online user is subjected to daily.

No wonder it’s harder than ever than ever to create a meaningful connection with your audience.

Octaive is a new personalisation technology that addresses this growing problem by turning the humble banner Ad into an interactive conversational experience.


The conversational revolution is here…


Dynamic Language

Mapping for hyper personalization of conversation


Native Environment

Customizable, conversational interface to create bespoke flows


Personalised Experience

No matter what stage your prospects are at, they always get a relevant, personalised experience


CRM Platforns

CRM / Marketing platforms integrations for fast and secure data transfer


How it works

Interactive Unit, Made Simple

✓  We turn your existing assets into an interactive conversational unit.

✓  We integrate your data feed for dynamic personalization.

✓  Activate your campaign programmatically via your DSP.

✓  Octaive powers the conversational interactions with your audience.