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Drive active attention with in-ad conversation

At Octaive we help brands look past outdated click metrics and create ads that generate active attention.

Our privacy-first technology powers real conversations between consumers and brands within standard display and video inventory

Understanding Your Consumers

  •   Honest Insight Data provides actionable market research for brands, based on how consumers perceive their product and services.
  •   Understand Consumers' unique user journeys with measurable outcomes in real time across Octaive's sophisticated insights platform and tools.
  •  Intelligent Optimisation allows brands to learn, adapt and customise quickly in an ever changing environment and even fuel the future media strategy.

The world's most innovative brands trust Octaive.

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Octaive Creative Studio

  •   We are experts in conversational design; our creative team have a wealth of industry knowledge to ensure your questions are resonating with your audience when it matters most.
  •   Simplicity is at the core of our design meaning we can repurpose assets from display ads to website content.
  •  Our intuitive conversational build platform means the set-up process is fast and simple, and mid-campaign optimisations can be made in real time.

Positive Conversations

"The Chatbot was the perfect format for the launch of Broadband Pro because it really heroes the benefits and allowed us to distinguish between customer priorities in regards to Broadband. Not only did we see really good engagement, but we also have very valuable learnings that we can take into future campaigns now"

Sally West, Vodafone UK

"Working with Octaive on this activity for The Open University has been one of the most efficient implementations we have done. We have been able to gather insights and data against our audience that we wouldn't have been able to achieve with standard units, all while driving customisation and engagement.

Myriam Merabet, Havas Programmatic Hub

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