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In a bid to clean global air quality, the UK government has released a blanket ban on the production of vehicles running on traditional petrol and diesel by 2030. This has fast tracked EV production and development for the industry on a global level. 2021 alone will see a huge uplift in new car launches from key players in the industry to those new to the field. This mass shift in production in a relatively short time frame poses significant consequences for advertisers who face pressure.

This industry shift combined with the impact of COVID-19 has meant that the power of storytelling online to capture users has never been more important. Physical dealerships are already being replaced with digital equivalents, with many brands launching their own online showroom products. This digital transformation allows for interactive consumer experiences to play a more significant role in reaching users. Chatbots are becoming a unified solution to combat these business challenges, offering a personal real time experience.

Our bespoke conversational ad format turns standard display media into a two way interactive experience. Designed to grab attention quickly, it's perfect for standing out against competitors. Our product is focused on quality interaction, which is vital when educating audiences in the EV space. The format can dynamically adjust content the audience is viewing based on their choices, enabling information to be streamlined and bespoke to the audience.

When Octaive launched the conversational format two years ago, there was a natural focus towards the autos vertical due to the new and innovative way of reaching users. More than 18 months on, autos remains our strongest vertical and we have formed a clear understanding of how to connect with the autos audience. Having worked with many of the biggest players in the autos space we have built this knowledge from a wealth of actionable vertical insights which fuel our recommendations and strategies.

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