This B2B brand is a global business, who provide the tools for companies to develop, deploy and manage omnichannel enterprise applications. Their overarching goal was to drive brand awareness, but also with a strong focus on driving leads to request a demo.


With a variety of different benefits to the product, the brand was faced with the challenge of conveying the right benefit to the user most receptive, without losing sight of the other key factors such as offers and FAQs.




Our aim was to build a campaign that was both memorable and engaging for the user whilst also concise and easy to navigate to meet the end goal of demo requests. 


Using a broad opening question to captivate audiences we focused on the 4 core pillars of the software solution, allowing the user to navigate through the most relevant pillars. The use of multiple CTA buttons throughout the flow enabled users to go straight to the site page once they have received the relevant information.




Using the formats dynamic capabilities to streamline the range of content meant we were able to exceed CTR benchmarks whilst also driving brand awareness and increasing dwell time.



  • A CTR 60% higher than target.

  • An initial interaction rate 80% higher than benchmark.

  • Dwell time that matched industry benchmarks, despite being a traffic driving campaign.







This well known autos brand aimed to use conversational to promote their new hybrid vehicle launch. With so many new features and benefits to this vehicle it was essential that the campaign showcased these attributes, whilst also standing out against competitors in the increasingly saturated EV market.


As with any new product launch, market research is key, so another priority for this brand was to better understand the features of the new model that users would resonate with the most. 


With the value of insight front of mind for this campaign, we built a decision tree that demanded attention with an opening question asking users to select what is most important to them when looking for a new car. This straight away captivated audiences, where they could then explore through different functionalities of the car, and why this aligned with their biggest priorities.


Including CTA buttons throughout the decision tree was also in driving users down the funnel, enabling audiences to learn more and book a test drive but also the option to continue exploring the car, without leaving the unit.




Using conversational to reach users with the information they would be most receptive to, was the perfect strategy for driving awareness for the EV vehicle launch. This also provided vital insight to the triggers most important when looking for a new car.



  • An initial interaction rate 13% better than campaign target

  • A CTR that exceeded target by 20%

  • Crucial audience insight used to fuel the follow up campaign based on how users interacted with the benefits.








This pharmaceutical brand wanted to promote the diverse range of their most popular product and remain front of mind for users later going into store. 


With the market being extremely saturated in this space it was crucial for the brand to reach audiences in a way that was memorable, but also drawing together media from their other channels across TV and VOD - collating a unified brand presence.



Using the existing assets, we were able to maintain the brands well known image, whilst also bringing a refreshing new approach that their audiences would remember. We structured the opening question like a quiz, knowing from experience that this engages a broader audience pool,  then once they interacted we showcased the well known TV ad to captivate users and keep them engaged.




The use of video combined with the product selection quiz meant users spent more time exploring the content inside the unit.



  • A dwell time of 23 seconds, consistently strong throughout the campaign

  • An initial interaction rate which exceeded benchmark

  • Despite a focus on brand awareness, we also saw an uplift of users clicking through to site, highlighting the value of conversational in driving qualified site visits.



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