Enterprise Technology

November 26, 2021


This B2B brand is a global business, who provide the tools for companies to develop, deploy and manage omnichannel enterprise applications. Their overarching goal was to drive brand awareness, but also with a strong focus on driving leads to request a demo.

With a variety of different benefits to the product, the brand was faced with the challenge of conveying the right benefit to the user most receptive, without losing sight of the other key factors such as offers and FAQs.


Our aim was to build a campaign that was both memorable and engaging for the user whilst also concise and easy to navigate to meet the end goal of demo requests.

Using a broad opening question to captivate audiences we focused on the 4 core pillars of the software solution, allowing the user to navigate through the most relevant pillars. The use of multiple CTA buttons throughout the flow enabled users to go straight to the site page once they have received the relevant information.


Using the formats dynamic capabilities to streamline the range of content meant we were able to exceed CTR benchmarks whilst also driving brand awareness and increasing dwell time.


  • A CTR 60% higher than target.
  • An initial interaction rate 80% higher than benchmark.
  • Dwell time that matched industry benchmarks, despite being a traffic driving campaign.

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